not even for a moment do things stand still

15 minutes

Strangers gather at a sea of white flags, a tribute to every life lost to COVID in America. As participants honor their loved ones, we quietly witness their many expressions of loss and mourning.

SXSW 2022 - Special Jury Award for Visual Reflection

Jury Statement: In a simple yet profoundly moving way, not even for a moment do things stand still allows us to sincerely reflect on the lives we have lost over the past two years. The poetic visual language gives us a new perspective on a sadly familiar topic of love, life and loss.

AFI Fest 2022 - Special Jury Mention

Jury Statement : "This film is a time capsule that painfully captures the deep historical relevance of a group moment we all lived through.”

IDA Awards 2022-- Best Short Documentary (shortlisted)